Ani the Pixel Alchemist (ani_art) wrote in tsubasa_awards,
Ani the Pixel Alchemist

Submissions for "Free Choice" icons

This weeks theme is "Free Choice".

Means you can basically do anything you want. Show off your creativity with no bounds. Normal LJ standards still apply of'course. Also fanart is never allowed.

Requirements (please check these before submitting):
[x] at or below 40 KB
[x] 100x100 px or less (110x90px doesn't work)

Submit to this post
[x] icon and icon URL
[x] by Friday, September 21st @ 10 PM EST

~ ani

*i'll make sure how many free shoice themes we've before the final results but I believe we haven't had more than 2. So than anme will be "Free Choice 2" or which ever number it is.
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