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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Icon Contests
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Tsubasa_awards is the name of a Live Journal Community for the manga and anime of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Tsubasa is the story of Syaoran and his desperate quest to save the one he loves, Sakura. He travels with Fye D. Flourite, Kurogane, Mokona, and Sakura through alternate worlds and times as they search for Sakura's wings, her memories that have been scattered throughout the worlds. Even if Sakura regains all of her memories, she may never remember Syaoran, for he gave up her memory of him, to save her.

Fans of Cardcaptor Sakura may recognize the characters from that series as well as many other CLAMP titles. But these are not the Sakura and Syaoran you remember. They are similar and yet different. Tsubasa is a wonderful series and fans agree. That is why this journal exists.

1. Each member may submit only one icon per theme
2. All icons must have been from CLAMP's Tsubasa work unless otherwise stated in a post, meaning no fan work.
3. Icons can only be from the Tsubasa manga, anime, or game if one is put out.
4. Submitted icons must be compatible with Livejournal. [100x100 and 40kb]
5. Don't advertise your icon (tell your friends to vote for your icon)
6. Do not steal others' icons and claim them as your own.
7. Fan Art is not allowed.
8. Don't criticize others' icons!
9. Submitted icons must be no more than a week old and should not be posted in any other journals until voting is over.
10. You may vote for your own icon, as long as you truly think it's the best one there.
11. Only members can submit icons.
12. Only Members can vote. You may also "watch" and have a vote counted. Anonymous votes will not be counted.

The moderator reserves the right to disqualify anyone who does not observe the rules.

On Friday, ani_art will give you all a theme (this is the same day as the previous week icons are due, to give you a weekend jump start). Icons related to the theme will be submitted from Sunday (a submission post will be made clearly available) till Friday at 10:00 pm EST. Comments to the submission post will be screened. The submission should contain the following information:

Icon submission
URL of submission (and make sure the URLS work ^_^)



Voting will begin after all icons are accounted for sometime Friday night. Voting will go from that time until 7:00 pm EST on Sunday.

Results will be revealed around 8:00 pm EST.

Weeks 01 - 25 Winners
Weeks 26 - 50 Winners
Weeks 51 - 75 Winners
Week 68 - [Crazy Couples] - milkxhake
Week 69 - [School] - xxxholicxxx
Week 70 - [Music] - lucific
Week 71 - [The Adventure - Lyrical 6] - m1ch1ru
Week 72 - [Textless Deux] - wicked_enough
Week 73 - [Out of the Box] - pixeljoy
Week 74 - [Chibi] - karayuquex
Week 75 - [Astrological] - urbanism
Week 76 - [Dark] - wicked_enough
Week 77 - [Word] - m1ch1ru
Week 78 - [Sleep] - consequences
Week 79 - [Halloween] - ax_sky
Week 80 - [Tomoyo] - consequences
Week 81 - [Three] - consequences
Week 82 - [Free Choice 2] - ax_sky
Week 83 - [Light] - anime_girl193
Week 84 - [Wish] - wicked_enough
Week 85 - [Minor Characters 2] - milkxhake
Week 86 - [Holiday 06] - illeistic
Week 87 - [Year in Review] - dayfall
Week 88 - [2007] - voodoofirefly
Week 89 - [Lyrical 7] - anime_girl193
Week 90 - [Piffle Country] - voodoofirefly
Week 91 - [Spot Color] - dayfall
Week 92 - [Devotion] - dragon_gypsy
Week 93 - [Mokona &] - myreasoninlife
Week 94 - [Golden Mokona Awards 07] - Various Winners
Week 95 - [Wings] - illeistic
Week 96 - [Tarot] - _forluna
Week 97 - [Animated Dos] - amayasuki
Week 98 - [Day] - wicked_enough
Week 99 - [Picture 2] - dark_moon_angel
Week 100 - [Syaoran Pair] - buddha_loves_me
Week 101 - [Song Title] - dragon_gypsy
Week 102 - [Emotion] - lingers
Week 103 - [Commencement] - tartankilts
***By mistake there were 2 weeks listed as Week 58. So to correct this problem, week 104 does not exist. Sorry for the confusion.***
Week 105 - [Otaku Slang] - dark_moon_angel
Week 106 - [Photoshopped] - illeistic
Week 107 - [Rhyme] - volatilepanda
Week 108 - [Sin] - volatilepanda
Week 109 - [Lyrical 8] - dark_moon_angel
Week 110 - [Joy] - volatilepanda
Week 111 - [Sakura & Syaoran] - iceduelist
Week 112 - [Texture] - illeistic
Week 113 - [Determination] - consequences
Week 114 - [Five Elements] - Current Theme
Missing Banners: Red, Mystery, Body, Prominent Feature

1. maboroshi_hime
2. m1noru
3. decapre
4. shiokaze_senshi**
5. dragons_desire**
6. yutsuki**
7. m1ch1ru**
8. consequences**
9. wicked_enough**
10. anime_girl193**

**Banners still need to be done

Members who win first place three times will be put in the hall of fame. To allow everyone an equal shot at first place, those put in the Hall of Fame are asked not to submit an icon to the community for 3 weeks, this is the three weeks after they have been named into the hall of fame. After this period, the member is allowed to enter again.

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If you want to become an affiliate leave a comment in a post.

1. dark_angel869
2. dragons_desire
3. wicked_enough
4. anime_girl193
5. tartankilts

If any existing banner makers must quit for any reason, or need a break, just let me know.

Rules for existing Banner Makers can be found at this link.
Rules for Banner Makers

Helpful Links:
The Official Site for Tsubasa Chronicle Anime (Japanese)
Be With You Scans (Scanlations)
Hyu (Translations)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is owned by CLAMP.
This site is not affiliated with CLAMP.
The rules page is a reproduction of the rules page from furuba_awards.

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